Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Scoop

I'm sorry it has taken until 5a.m. to get to this blog update. I'm not gonna lie. This is not the easiest blog to write. This has not been the easiest day. Parts of it have been lovely, though, so that's where I let myself drop at the end of the day, and that is where I find myself right now, sitting here, so I will start right there, if you don't mind, and then open the fortune cookie we got from the doctor today in proper form, after I've digested some of the day.

The kids and I hung tight and close to home all day, which is one of my favorite things. We all slept in for the first time after this whirlwind hit. The boys did not sleep the night before my surgery, and Amanda has been burning a candle at both ends with everything and her new job and beauty school. I think I may have just passed out from exhaustion. Or maybe it was the Vicadin. But the point is, sleeping in is also one of our favorite things, and a good way to start a day. Unless you have to be somewhere and you are late. Which occasionally happens in our home. But not today.

My mum and sister and nephew are here, so that's also nice to wake up to. I actually woke up to the lovely little pitter-patter of my nephew, Brodie's, sweet feet, who, apparently swept up with Olympic fervor, was in training for the 100 yard dash around the race track that circles my dining room and kitchen. You really can't start training too early these days and I have to admire his dedication at 2.

My dad and aunt Carol drove over for lunch and we all had a lovely picnic out on my back deck. My kids did a mini concert for us which was the icing on top.

After lunch we watched a movie to pass the time before the phone call. We did not just sit around all day waiting for the phone call. We had a really good day and then the phone call came.

Dave is out of town. I made him go ahead and go on his business trip because I didn't want to act like we were going to get bad news. He will be back tomorrow (Thursday) night.

I (had Mikey) conference Dave in, and the kids were right by my side, on speaker phone. The doctor said the damn spots were cancer. Grade 3, which is apparently aggressive. And if I understood the doctor correctly, the size of the 3 spots together was 2.3 centimeters. The one I felt was very near the surface and she had to scrape to get what she could of it, but couldn't get it all without taking some of my breast, which she didn't obviously, at that time. But that's, at least going to have to go. We have some big decisions to make this weekend before we meet with the doctor on Monday at 5:30 p.m. to discuss and jump into our game plan. We plan to be more aggressive than the cancer. I'm told I'm a wee bit competitive, so hopefully that's a good thing. We also need to go back and get some lymph nodes. And I think she mentioned chemo. Other than that, it was a fairly fuzzy phone call for me. It hit my kids hard and fast. Please pray for them anytime you think of me. I am not sure it has sunk into me yet, unless it is the pit that I have felt like throwing up since before dinner. But haven't. Yet.

I ordered the kids some pizza and some of my tennis buds came over and we sat out on the back deck and drank some pinot grigio, which the people in the operating room the other day wouldn't give me, but my tennis buds brought. Good tennis buds.

One of them brought us P. F. Changs Tuesday night for dinner, and my cookie had a fantastic and apropos fortune in it that we are going with: Good food brings health and longevity. Not to mention, the first lucky number mentioned is 42, which my age. And I believe it is also a significant number for galaxy hitchhikers. (Yes, I have the t-shirt; Mikey made me one for my 42nd.)

So that's the scoop. Thanks for praying.

We'd like to invite anyone who lives near to come over and pray with us Saturday night at 7 p.m. as we'd like to bring out the big guns of prayer to begin this battle with and cast ourselves into our Father's very capable hands. And we go from there.


Lisa "3.5" Recker said...


Bummer about the diagnosis. I know it's not what you were hoping for. The great thing is that you are done agonizing over the unknown and can now move on to the solution: a concrete game plan that you can sink your teeth into.

So a hug to you and your family for having to deal with all the trauma that goes along with the "c" word, followed by a hearty slap in the ass a la Kerri Walsh as you steel yourself for the battle ahead.

I almost feel sorry for the cancer.

Take care. Cya soon.

Yer pal,


Sheli Fatale Diamond said...

As a Mom of three great little people just like You are, I have as strong feeling of what may be happening in their bright young minds currently. A little time should bring much strength and more closeness as a family (if thats possible!)All You will need.
I'm here if You need an ear, or anything else, Your gonna kick this 'c' thing right in the arse.....
Take Good care of YourSelf,xoxoxSheli.

laura hill said...


That really stinks!! It just makes me sick for you. You know that I'm an oncology nurse now? I love it. I love getting to spend time with my patients. They're so awesome. I've seen lots of women go through this. I think that you've made a good decision to have your family involved. Some ladies don't tell their kids or families because they don't want to worry them! That's nuts to me. I'm proud of you that you're not isolating yourself. A support group is vital! Now, there are times that your loved ones will probably be offering too much support and it's ok to say that you need some time to yourself. So, I'm definitely going to be praying for all of you. I'll be watching for updates.

bear hugs,

Unknown said...

Dave, Julie, Amanda, Matt and Mike.

We are praying. Peace on your house and health to you all.

The Butlers

Leah said...

Dear Julie, Dave, Amanda M.F., Matt, Mikey,

We love you!

We'll pray with you at 7:00 on Sunday (in spirit) from my father-in-law's basement in Price Hill which must be cleaned (and I mean CLEANED) before our move can progress any further. BTW, we are moving in with Greg's dad in September, in case I forgot to mention it.

Blowing you kisses,

Carol said...

If we can't be with you in Ohio Saturday night, We will be there in spirit and at 7 pm in our own prayer here. Our prayers will be for you and your family, for the doctors who will care for you that our Lord will guide them in the right direction for you complete recovery. God bless you and your family, may he give you the strength to endure all that you will be facing in the next few weeks.

We love you

debbie p said...


Although we can't be there saturday, we will be with you in our hearts and in spirit and will be praying. You, your family and friends and most of all God make a strong force and I know you will win this battle. I'm so sorry you have to fight it at all, but I know God will bring many beautiful things out of it. Anything we can do, just let us know and we will gladly do it. Much love, Debbie

wenerd said...

Dear Jules,
Thinking of you and praying for you and your family often. Cling to your big-hearted king who rules your life in love and goodness. He cares so much about all that you are facing right now. Run this race with perseverance, knowing that you never run alone. Can't wait to see you again soon!

Much love,

Unknown said...


I am so sorry to hear of your unfortunate news! You are a strong woman and between your family, faith and friends you will have lots of help getting through this difficult time.....My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. We know your a fighter so don't give up keep fighting!!

Rebecca :)

Unknown said...

The prayer meeting at your house tonight was awesome! It was an incredible outpouring of support. I hope someone made a recording so it can give you strength when fear and doubt try to creep in. Stay strong! Don't let it bully you!

Amy Bach said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with you, David and the kids!!!!

The Bach(Kingery)Family
Amy, Bryan and Leigha

Angela said...

Hi Julie,
I just heard about your surgery from my mother who heard from Becky. I am praying for you, Dave and the kids. I've always been so impressed with your outlook on life and I know that your strength, faith and wonderful family will help get you through this! Just look forward to the day when all of this is behind you (or as my mother always says "This too shall pass")! Visualize victory! I know I am, for you!
We loved seeing you guys at the family reunion and look forward to the next! The concert by your kids was a beautiful highlight!
Prayers and love,
Angela (Luckenbill) Hockett

The House that Jak and Nick Built said...

Hi Julie and Family,

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Nick and I will be lifting y'all up in prayer! You were such an encouragement to me when you where her, it would be an honor to encourage you with prayer. Much Love,

meg said...

I'm with you, Julie! God Speed! Meg