Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home from the hospital

Dave here, filling in for Julie.

Hi everyone. The surgery went well and Julie is home from the hospital and resting. Other than a bit of pain, she's doing great. The surgeon successfully removed all three lumps. Right now she's feeling a little groggy from the pain medicine and said she's having trouble getting her words in the right order. I had to tell her that's been going on for a long time :)

They didn't put Julie out completely - it was sort of a controlled anesthesia that kept her awake but not able to remember anything. Apparently she was quite talkative and more than a little humorous. They tell us she asked for a glass of Pinot Grigio and when they wouldn't comply she said she'd settle for a beer. Then she asked if they could hook her up to a coffee IV. And she praised the surgeon repeatedly, telling her, "you rock!"

We won't have biopsy results or a diagnosis until tomorrow (Wednesday). But the pathologist took a quick look at the lumps and said they look "suspicious." We don't know if that meant they were wearing trench coats and dark sunglasses, or what?

Whatever the outcome, we trust God our heavenly Father... yet shall we praise Him. If you know this Jewel, my Julie, you know she is a precious treasure who loves Jesus and loves people. She has this way about her that even makes her tennis opponents feel good about it when she beats them. We pray that God would "let this cup pass" us by, but either way we are going to keep loving each other, our kids, our family, our friends, our life and the Rock of our salvation.

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers and support - it means so much! Bless you all! Please keep praying and we'll keep you posted.

"Though we experience trouble on every side, yet we are not crushed; though we are perplexed, yet we are not driven to despair; though we are persecuted, yet we are not abandoned; though we are knocked down, yet we are not destroyed;... to the glory of God." Amen.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on a successful surgery. We love you and pray for a quick recovery.

From our fam to you and yours,

Love always,

debbie p said...


You were very brave today and funny too! I loved the part were you gave the middle finger when the doctor said the word "suspicious". I think you touched the doctor and were a blessing to her. Way to go, girl! We are praying for you all. Love, The Porters

Lisa "3.5" Recker said...

Thanks for the update. Still holding out hope that the little "suspicious" buggers are fibroids in disguise. Bastids.

If not...well, we'll cross that bridge, too. And while we're crossing, we can pause to ponder the great mysteries of life, such as what the hell Billy Joe McAllister dropped off the Tallahatchee Bridge anyway.

In any event, no matter what the diagnosis, you bring the vino and I'll bring the chocolate.

Keep your chin up, and your shoulder, too, when you deliver one of those rocking serves.

Yer pal,


Sheli Fatale Diamond said...


Save the Ta Ta's!
No surprise at all You asked for Pinot!
Hope all is Well Today!
I will be thinking of You and Your family. and Your rocket serve that I didn't get to see all summer.