Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oops (or as my mum says, Whoops) and Pre-ops

My mum mentioned that we had neglected to mention which of the Jewish Hospitals she was supposed to go to, or wondered if I was just seeing how good of a guesser she was. The surgery is to take place at the Kenwood Jewish Hospital, which I happened to check out today, as I had some pre-op testing to do. So, when you get off at the exit, if you turn right there will be a Starbucks, and then you'll have to backtrack to get to the hospital, but at least you can get a good cup of coffee to drink while you're in the waiting room. If you prefer, just go left off the exit and you will pass a Panera, which also has a good cup of coffee, and is a little bit more on the way. Whichever way you go, I think it will be better than hospital coffee. Dave would probably not turn down a cup of coffee--no frou frou necessary. Dave is a no frou frou kind of guy. Just don't go waving your coffee breath in my direction because I can't be held responsible in my uncaffeinated state for dealing with that kind of risky behavior.

So the pre-op testing went off fine, and we are good to go, except for the fact that the mean pre-op people said I am not allowed to have a glass of wine tomorrow with my dinner, which I think is a bit over the top. I plan to call and make an appeal in the morning, but will most likely not disobey if they persist in this uptightness. It's not like I want to get them mad at me before they put me under or anything.

One thing I have found interesting about hospital waiting rooms, in my recently acquired expertise, is that they give you buzzers just like at P.F. Changs. I have to say it is a bit of a let down when they don't bring you any food, and so I'm not sure if this is a very good use of technology. It might even be cruel if you really think about it like I have.


P.S. Thanks seems insignificant for all the love and support we have been feeling. But after careful consideration and the fact that it's all I could come up with, I just wanted to say thank you, everyone, so very much for all the prayers, visits, phone calls, emails, snail mails (how often do you find real mail in the mailbox these days?!), comments on my blog, messages and wall posts on my Facebook, all the kind things people have dropped by, and most importantly to me, all the love you have been showering on my redheads. They are the reason we fight like hell. And they are the sweetest hearts of my heart.


Kari & jason said...

What do I say..... I will say this, I wish I could be there to bring Dave some coffee, you some wine, and crayons for the kids to color the hospital walls! Oh wait, they are probably past that stage by now. Oh well, we would do it anyway!

wenerd said...

Dear Jules,
It is so wonderful to hear of the outpouring of love that you have been given! You are definately loved with an everlasting love!! You are such a strong woman of faith. Continue to trust in Him with all your heart, soul and mind. With your "warrior" spirit I know you will fight this battle well. I'm joining you in the battlefield through prayer and much love!

You are a precious and forever friend,

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Do some butt kicking of Ol' Beelzebub! I love you!

Lisa McAfee