Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nu Do

So I got a new haircut today. It feels really good but I don't quite recognize myself in the mirror yet. I was told it might be a while before I can lift my hands above my head after the surgery, plus I thought I would transition myself to the possibility of chemo effects, so I thought, "Why not?" and before I knew it my tennis buds were scheming with the stylist over some very scary ideas. This is what we ended up with. But we'll see what it looks like tomorrow after I wash it.

How cool was it that my stylist "happened" to have have gone through all this with her mum, who is a 16 year survivor at 75 years old!


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Carol said...

Love your new hair do. Now that you have a taste of short hair you may never go back to longer hair. I had mine cut that short and it was down to my waist at the time. It took a few days for me to get used to it. When I first had it cut I came home and stood in front of the mirror and tried to brush it and make it longer (crying and saying to myself "what did I do").
This makes me think of the time you were little and got Mother's manicure set which had an electric brush in it. It was the size of a pencil. You got a hold of it turned it on and put it in your hair and it got all twisted up and Mother had to cut it out. She was so afraid to tell you mom and dad. At this time your hair had never been cut.

love and hugs

Niki said...

You look beautiful! What a great idea, you need to make sure to pamper yourself every now and again. You have such wonderful people in your life which is a reflection of what an awesome person you are. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love you cuz!

Lisa said...

Your new hair cut looks great! You are constantly on my mind and prayer.
Love you!

Angela said...

I love your nu do! You look great in short hair! That's so neat that your stylist happened to be able to relate that happy ending to you! (Angels at work!) :D

Anonymous said...

I just met you at the reunion in Indiana, and I just want to let you know that your words here are such an inspiration. God Bless you and yours!

Love and Prayers,
Mark Hare

Your Faith .......... Heaven sent
Your Attitude ....... Extraordinary
Your Inspiration .... Awesome
Your Trust in God .. Life-giving
Your Heart .......... Steadfast

Anonymous said...

I love your new hair do!! I think you will really love it when you get used to it. She really did a great job!

Love you lots!!
Your Mom

P.S. I'm going to take copies of your picture and the blog to Grandma so she can see it.

debbie p said...


It is soooo cute and not as short as I was expecting after talking to you today. It is definetly a good style for you and a great idea! As Becca said today, "She is always cute and will be no matter what hair style she has". By the way, the cup thing went right over my head! I just thought it was a beautiful sentiment. Love you, Debbie