Monday, September 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So it's not exactly Grand Cayman, but then again, Gustav was not being all that inviting anyhow, so we're actually glad we are in recovery rather than some hurricane shelter. Not to mention, on this side of the cancer. Which is the kicking ass side, btw. Grand Cayman will have to wait, and I don't care if I ever see Gustav, or any of his relatives or copycats.

So we are home, thank God, and I am doing just peachy except for these drains that I do not like AT ALL and am counting down the days until Friday at 5:30p.m. when I get to have them removed. Really, most of the pain I am experiencing is due to them, and half of that is the pain in the rear kind. So it varies from 5-7, and the pain meds the kind Drs. gave me are helping me keep on top of that. Although I do feel the wear off about 1/2 an hour before it's actually time, which isn't the most fun I've had. My arms are very weak and sore, and my ribs feel like I got in a bar room brawl.

It is so good to be recovering at home. Dave and I have a pretty good groove at handling all the high maintenance of me, and he has been putting up with me pretty well, except for a few grumpy moments that I am trying to overlook since he has pretty much run himself into the ground worrying about me and taking care of me 24/7. I just wouldn't hire him as a personal trainer if I were you, because he is a bit snippy when you don't lift your arms as high as the doctor said to lift them and stuff like that. I've been teaching him about bedside manner and he has been a bit persistent in his high principles, and therefore resistant to my advice (read pleas for mercy) and so I really don't see that he has much of a future in the personal training business.

One of the best things about recovering at home, besides the RECOVERING part, is my sunroom, which we have been practically been living in (and just outside, I can hear my boys working on a path they are making for me, which leads to my tennis courts!). Not to mention my own bed. Not to mention the Tennis Channel and the ESPN during the U.S. Open. Not to mention my mum, sister, and nephew are here helping take care of me. Not to mention all the AMAZING food people are bringing us. (THANK YOU GOBS, btw!) My friend Lisa Dupps has already decided to move in so she can pull up a chair for our lovely meals in the sunroom.

The surgery was a smashing success. We are still awaiting the official results, but the doc said as far as she could see, the cancer had NOT spread to the lymph nodes and that we had therefore gotten ahead of it spreading, and are on top of it! THANK GOD!! From what I hear there was an awful lot of happy ruckus in the waiting room when she came to tell my peeps the news! I think they gave her a standing "O" which she totally deserved!

From what I understand, I was a wee bit more under during this procedure, so I guess I didn't have the op peeps in "stitches" like I did last time. I must have accidentally left my wit in my pre-op room. Sorry to disappoint on that front. But for all who were there, the kids' youth pastor, Alton, seemed to have picked it up and pocketed it, and left us all rotflol. And you can imagine how well this went over at Jewish Hospital.

Speaking of Jewish Hospital, which was a great hospital btw, but the main thing I noticed that was different from Good Samaritan, which is where I had the lumpectomy last week, was that the crucifixes at Good Sam were a comfort and a highlight, whereas they were obviously non-existent at Jewish. I'm not going to lie, that was a bit of a downer, but in the scheme of things, I thought they were just as Good Samaritans to take care of the Christ lover.

The only other downer in the whole experience, was the initial recovery room. It was packed, and my nurse also had the care of two other patients, one who was hurling in the bed right next to me (and I am a sympathetic vomiter), and the other was having some colo-rectal issues a few beds down, and so my need for ice chips or a kind face was understandably pretty low on the totem pole. Still this was the first time in this whole whirlwind that I cried. Over an ice chip. It took them an hour and a half from when they told me my room was ready, for them to be able to take me to it. I watched every movement of the hand of the clock, while praying the Lord's Prayer for an hour and a half solid, so I wouldn't hear the hurling sounds next to me. I tried to rotate in the Nicene Creed but I kept messing it up and got mad at myself about that and I didn't think that was very productive, so I just kept with the Lord's Prayer.

I think I was out of it most of the rest of the day, until my tennis buds brought me the most delightful cup of coffee in the whole wide world on the morning after (and a blueberry scone to boot). And then began my true road to recovery.

Dave was reading from a book called Won't Let You Go Unless You Bless Me by Andree Seu, the other night, and there was a line in it that we felt is a perfect sum up to this whirlwind we've been in: "Because of us the fear of the Lord has fallen on many." This has been our perspective and prayer.

Thanks for praying, and please don't stop.


Carol said...

Glad you are feeling good enough to write on your blog. If I didn't know how much David loves you, I would think he is getting back at you for some deserving revenge. I'm sure David is doing exactly what the doctor order, even if you think those arms are high enough! Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon. Stay off the tennis courts - at least until you get the tubes out. Ha.
Love you

Anonymous said...

I am also happy you are in your own home and not an emergency shelter right now. I am sure you wouldn't have had someone as sweet & cute as Brody to spend your time with!
You are so right about your special is also my favorite place there. You feel so close to the sounds & beauty of nature. Relaxing and helpful in your are blessed!
Love to you and your entire family!

Angela said...

I'm so glad you're home and recovering with the love of your wonderful family around you! I pray for more good news tomorrow from the doc!
Prayers and love,

Lisa "3.5" Recker said...


Bummer about the diagnosis. I know it's not what you were hoping for. The great thing is that you are done agonizing over the unknown and can now move on to the solution: a concrete game plan that you can sink your teeth into.

So a hug to you and your family for having to deal with all the trauma that goes along with the "c" word, followed by a hearty slap in the ass a la Kerri Walsh as you steel yourself for the battle ahead.

I almost feel sorry for the cancer.

Take care. Cya soon.

Yer pal,


Anonymous said...


For some reason, whenever I log on, new my post is eaten and replaced by one of my earlier posts. So forgive what appears to be a time-space continuum blip.

What I MEANT to say is that I'm thrilled to read about the initial reports and your recovery. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Looking forward to making a toast to you in person once we have the "official" report that the lymph nodes are clean.

Have a great week and listen to your husband, even though he's a slave driver.

Lisa "3.5" Recker

Anonymous said...


I am so glad to see your sense of humor still in tact, not that I doubted it for a minute! Welcome home and my kids go back to school tomorrow, so I will be calling to see if you need anything. God bless!
Kim A.

Anonymous said...

This is Sara. I can't stop praying for you!! I wish I could be there, but I am such a "cry-baby", you probably wouldn't want me there, so I just keep praying, every time I think of you and that's constantly. You are such a trooper, such an inspiration...if I ever have to go through such a trial, I want you on my team. Love you bunches!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you've ever been in a bar room brawl, but if I ever find myself engaged in that sort of activity, I would want you covering my back! Keep up the good fight. There are lemons out there that need zesting! And try to keep the yellow liquids separate!
You know who I am! ROFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

But seriously! We'll keep praying for you Julie. And let Dave be the outstanding personal trainer he is. The ones that love you most will help you get through the therapy. Especially when it hurts. Love ya and God Bless. Greg

debbie p said...

You guys are so funny! I have to say, Julie, that the best personal trainers are the tough guys! Good luck with raising your arms high enough for Dave! :) Debbie