Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Dave here. The doctor just called and the lymph nodes are clear! WooooooooHoo! The biopsy showed the left breast still had cancer cells as the doctor feared, but the mastectomy left plenty of margin. There were some benign lumps on the right side, but nothing malignant. So as far as they can tell, Julie is cancer-free! Praise the Lord!

Yes, we still face lots of treatment ahead, likely to include chemo to eradicate any lingering members of the vanquished vandal horde. But tonight we celebrate! Please celebrate with us and give thanks to God for his mercy and grace.


debbie p said...

Praise God. He is so good! I am so very happy for all the wonderful Evans family. Wish you would take a video of you telling the kids so I could see their happy faces! I know God will continue to bless you and hold you up through all that is still before you until you are in perfect health again! Love, Debbie

Angela said...

From Wayne and Joan, Angela and Jim, Pegg and Jon, and Brenda and Erik:
We are so happy for you Julie and will continue to ask for God's blessing on you! That is such great news!

Anonymous said...

From Elaine, Mark & Matthew - YAY!! We are so happy to hear this news! Hopefully you all can breathe now - at least for a while. We continue to pray for all of you, your family and all those that love you!!

Anonymous said...

Time to celebrate and drink some wine!! Wonderful news, special time with your family, and great friends helping you are blessed!

We love you!
Cheryl & Bill

Anonymous said...

Double and Triple WOOOOOOOHOOOOO and Thank You Jesus!
Love you all! Ris

Unknown said...

Thank God! We are so happy for you Julie, and for all your family.

Carol said...

What a blessing. I'm sure everyone is giving thanks tonight. Prayer is such a powerful tool. Celebrate!
Bless all of you

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the good news!!! We are both so happy for you and know that you will be bouncing back in no time. Take good care of yourself and do whatever the good doctor says.

-Mark & Rhonda-

laura hill said...

Whoo Hoo from the Hill house. God is always good. What a sigh of relief!

Anonymous said...

Let's raise our glasses & toast to the Lord in whom we live & breathe! Thank you, heavenly Father!

Thanks be to God for giving strength and faith to the Evans family!

This one's for you, Julie -

Love you bunches,
Leah & Greg