Monday, September 15, 2008

Team Evanshire at the Race for the Cure 2008

By the grace of God I made it the whole 5k! Not to mention, the support of my Team Evanshire. What a humbling thing to do a walk from this side of things.

This summer my fam and I did a 5K Hunger Walk with our church, The Cincinnati Vineyard, and other compassionate organizations, for our city, to "cure" hunger here. (Although cure seems a curious word in re: hunger, and compassion, maybe is a better word, and the way to the "cure". I have never truly experienced hunger, and I walked that walk from a different perspective.

Yesterday, I was walking, a month after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and two weeks after a double mastectomy (though, thankfully without stitches!), for my life, and in honor of my friend Sue Thompson who I have missed dearly since 2004, and also in honor of my neighbor, Ron's wife, also named Sue, who he loved to the last, last year.

I had a great group of friends who walked with and for me. Talk about "get[ting] by with a little help from my friends". Little is a very poor word choice, but one doesn't go around messing with Beatles lyrics. Although lotta would fit and not upset the syllabic but maybe the aesthetic, sense. I just don't even know what to say. Just look at the slideshow; it's undoing as I look at the pics and try to process through yesterday.

And my pictures are just one tiny drop in the bucket of teams of survivors, and in memory of those who are missed, that were represented. It's overwhelming when you think about it. I will never walk a Walk the same again.

I'm so grateful I got to be a part of it. And I'm so happy that I made it the whole way. Take a look at the photos and see what I did to the finish line. It actually had fallen before I got to it-Ike blew it over- so I couldn't technically cross the finish line and go under not unlike the rest of this cancer battle, not to mention my coloring outside of the lines me-ness, we went around it and then stood right on top of it.

What a day. What a day.

Tomorrow is another one. I have bone and CT scans all morning. Not looking forward to yet another IV. Please pray that all is clear, as in free of any and all signs of cancer; healthy would be a bonus, especially going into chemo. We should find out the results on Wednesday and will post the good news a.s.a.p. thereafter.

Amanda has a court date in the afternoon, for a ticket she recieved when she was driving home from making breast cancer awareness ribbons and cookies at a friend's house, for our prayer meeting at which began this battle. Her lead foot notwithstanding, it was a very bad series of days for my poor little girl. Please pray for mercy for her. It is quite possible she could lose her license until she turns 18 in January. We really need her to be able to continue to drive herself to college, beauty school, her job, and church. Not to mention, be able to help me out when I need her to.

Dave, obviously, has a really full plate tomorrow, going from one stressful situation to another. My mum is here, to stay with me if my scans and stuff overlap to where he has to go on with Amanda. It is driving me crazy that I might not be able to be with her when my little girl oughta have her mum.

Off to bed to see if I can catch a few z's. The valium I took an hour and a half ago might as well be an espresso. Which I'll be wishing I had in the morning, since I can't eat or drink anything except the scary cheetah barium sulfate suspension cocktail, which is a poor substitute for my morning cup of coffee, if you ask me, which nobody did. Well, poor doesn't really cut it. And even though it says "pleasantly flavored" on the bottle, well, we'll see about that, but I admit I'm a bit suspicious.

Cheers, and thanks for praying.


Joules Evans said...

I have no idea why the words are falling off the edge of the page; I'll have to have Dave fix it up, not to mention, edit, this unedited version, for me when he wakes up in the morning. He's snoring so soundly, I didn't have the heart to be all perfectionistic.

P.S. Thanks for commenting me, those of you who have figured it out, and make this a conversation; for those of you who were having troubles commenting, were Dave's instructions enough? I guess if not, it's not like you're going to be able to comment me to let me know, but let me know somehow! Because comments are fun!

Anonymous said...

OK, Darlin', I fixed the words falling off the edge of the page. At first I thought it was because you were tired while you were typing, but it turned out to be an html problem.

Sorry for the snoring and thanks for the compassion. I was so tired. You're the best!

Angela said...

Good luck with the scans and tests, I'll be praying for good news. Thanks for posting the pictures and congratulations on finishing the "race"! :0)

debbie p said...

Julie and DAve,

I really do feel so bad for keeping you out so late on the eve of such a big day. We are praying for the court hearing and the scan results, and as our hope is in God alone, are confident that all will be well. Love you guys, Debbie

Carol said...

You and your family are always in our prayers. Congrats on the race. Hope all the scans come out clean as a whistle.
Mom & Dad would be so proud of you, I know I am. For all your courage, your spirit & your faith in God.
God Bless You !

Joules Evans said...

Hey Debbie P!

I'm pretty sure it was Bob who pooped out, way before I even thought of pooping out last night.


Anonymous said...

I have been praying for you and thinking of you! Thanks for posting on your blog. You're the BEST!
Lisa McAfee

Anonymous said...

Julie - Congrats on finishing the race! And standing on the finish line. I am praying for your scan results to be clear and thinking of you all often, wishing I could visit. If you need helpers during your chemo, just say the word and I'll get there!
Love ya'll - Chris (Silva)
(Hmmm, I wonder if you've known it was me writing before when I've only signed off 'Chris')

Anonymous said...

Ms. Julie, You're husband is a Saint, but you already knew that! He helped a stranger (me) on Monday find some gas for the bike I rode from TN... Ran out trying to find somebody open :o( As we waited in line at the Speedway we started to share a little about ourselves... My name is David, His too!... My bride is a breast cancer survivor (13 years now), His too!... We're both Christians and reach out to those in need whenever we get an opportunity... He even drove off with my Laptop that I left in the "Mini", but brought it back to me when he discovered it in the back (PTL)... My bride (Alma) and I have been married for 35 years now and we have two grown children, 5 grand children and 1 more due in November! God is Good! I've got you on my prayer list and am praying specifics for tomorrow's appointment. You stay strong, trust in the Lord (Prov 3:5-6) and I know you'll live the long wonderful life that Jesus has planned for you... "God Bless" and you have a GREAT day tomorrow. I'm praying for your daughter's appointment as well.
Your prayer warrior, David Cohen from TN

Anonymous said...

Hey there big sis... well, if I want to be honest, little, as in short, sis. I wish I could have been there walking with you. Congratulations on finishing the race and for being such a brave, strong, and fierce warrior! You ROCK & I love you! Jennie

Andrea said...

I am so inspired by you! On Saturday I was debating going to the gym but almost skipped it because I was sleepy (you know, from the new baby). I read in your blog that you were going to walk a 5K and I said to myself that if you could do that, I could make it to the gym. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jewels you are and always have been an inspiration to all who know you. Oh and yes, you have an incredible hubby and way cool kids...but then you know that.

Way to kick butt in the race and with those darn spots as well! Godspeed with the scans and tests. Be good to you and you will be continuously in my prayers. Papa is carrying you my dear, what a beautiful image.

Much love,