Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dodging Bullets

This is Dave again. I forgot to mention Julie also hit her port pretty hard in the accident. It was hard enough to break the skin over the port and it left the whole area bruised, swollen and sore. We were concerned the port might be damaged. Yesterday (Wednesday) I took Julie to the oncologist for her scheduled treatment. They accessed the port and checked it out - no problems! Everything worked just fine and she was able to get her treatment. Thank God!

The oncologist told us to get to an ENT ASAP. While Julie was getting the Herceptin, I called a few recommended doctors. I was able to get an appointment the same day with Dr. Skurow, the ENT we've gone to for 15 years. Since we had checked ourselves out in the middle of the night, the hospital in Rome couldn't give us any copies of the x-rays or scans. But after Dr. Skurow did a manual exam he said, "I think you may have dodged a bullet here." He explained that her nose and jaw are both in place and don't appear to be broken, and as best he can tell the cheek bone doesn't appear to be broken! Amanda had prayed that God would put all the bones back in place and heal them so they wouldn't have to be set. We pray He's done just that. The doctor is still concerned about the cheek but the swelling needs to go down more before he can tell for sure. He's going to request the test results from Rome. We'll see him again on Monday to get the stitches out. By then he will be able to tell if everything is OK or if we need to get new scans. Please pray with us for more good news on Monday.

My dad always told me if a horse throws you, you gotta get back on. We didn't get a chance this trip, but Julie and I both want to ride a Vespa again. It was so much fun! And we had so much fun together, like we we're a young couple again. Think we're crazy? You may be right. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay for dodged bullets!!! Thanks for the update...I'll keep praying.
I don't remember Dad ever saying that...he always did like you best.
:) Ris

David said...

Well, maybe he didn't say those exact words, but I that's what I inferred. I'm colorizing a bit. But you're right, he always did like me best :)

Anonymous said...

Hi kids,
Thank you for your prayer, Amanda! And I am sure Mikey, Matt and Gma Joyce were praying for Julie's healing too. What a wonderful answer to prayer! Thank you, Lord, for your mercies endure forever!
Dad says maybe you better stay off the horse since you are bigger than it is! (well, you know dad!)
He also said he is 'guilty' of that little quote, tho. And he only likes you better when you're around. End of dad's reply.
Loving you all,
Gma Becky and Gpa Chuck