Monday, August 17, 2009

T - 7 and Counting

Chemo Cocktail on the menu this morning. Then a road trip to D.C. and The Big Apple. The boys and I are tagging along with Dave to squeeze in a bit of a holiday since we couldn't pull off a family vacation, in between Dave's work schedule and my chemo schedule. Not to mention the boys' social calendar. Anyway, will document this Great American Road Trip here. And somebody remind me to send my mum a postcard from New York, because she just reminded me yesterday that I forgot to send her one from Rome.

So today's blog is sponsored by the number 7, kids, which means I will only have 6 chemo cocktails left after I slam this one down.


(A few fellow cancer fighting/chemo cocktail slamming/surviving peeps I'm praying for and lifting my cocktail and drinking it to their health: Kristi (stay healthy!), Cathy (stay healthy!), Janet, Don, my Uncle Bill, my Aunt Cheryl (stay healthy!), Amy, Rebecca's hub, Deb, the sister at my chemo bar who told me she doesn't trust a skinny cook, and Julie, another frequent fighter at my chemo bar.)



debbie p said...

Congrats on getting one closer to the last one. Have a wonderful time in DC and don't forget the bakery if you get to New York. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that you are road tripping after your beloved Rafa fast-tracked his knee recovery to play just for you.

Anyway, enjoy the time away. And NO VESPAS!!

Lisa R.

Mommy and her munchkins said...

Thanks for the shout-out. It means a lot! Hope you have a wonderful mini-holiday!