Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chemo Cocktail Lounge

Chemo Cocktail 7-Up Slammed Down. Only 6 more to go! No, I didn't drink the diet 7-Up. It was merely for artistic purposes and aesthetic effect. How about that syringe jacked into Port Rapha? No the 7-Up didn't go there either. That's where the Herceptin goes which then goes and tells any sneaky cancer cells to cut it the crap out or we will send in the diet 7-Up.

This is a cool bracelet (Warning: Don't squint your eyes too much if profanity bothers you!) that the guy next to me had on. I rather like it myself. Methinks cancer is profane. Btw, Andy is the name of the guy and I hope you will add him to your prayers as well. When I was taking the upside down diet 7-Up photo and talking about only having 6 left. He said he wished he knew how many more he had. When I asked him his story, he said he has pancreatic cancer and is on chemo until it doesn't work anymore. I had seen him across the room a few times before, but usually sleeping. I sat next to him on purpose this time and I'm so glad I did. Now I have someone else to look forward to seeing at my chemo cocktail lounge. Not to mention, pray more intelligently for someone who is more than just a face across the room.

Speaking of someone I always look forward to seeing at my chemo cocktail lounge, this is Brenda, one of the lounge angels who take care of me. They are all so amazing.

And every lounge must have it's band. I especially like this one.
Here's a wee bit of the set:

Cheers, Joules


Unknown said...

I think every medical room could use this band. They may start a new fad?????
Always in my prayers.
Thanks for the wishes.

Love you
Auntie Carol

After Wave said...

I liked reading about andy, really poetic sentiments there.

Also you forgot to say about my and jenns surprising you at the chemos place!

and did you find your surprise? the second one?


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, Julie!
So glad for the +++'s in your chemo routine - even your own private band!
Praying for Andy, too.
Becky and Chuck

Daria said...

Love the bracelet ...

Julie's Dave said...

Awesome! I hate that I missed this treatment.

I love you!