Monday, April 27, 2009

Roman Holiday - Day 1

We're here! Safe and sound in Roma. Sitting at an internet cafe. 8:30 p.m. Although it feels like 3 in the morning a couple days from now. The plane did fine, but I'm lagging even after a post checking into our b&b siesta. Trying to stay awake to get on Rome time for tomorrow.

Our b&b does NOT have internet like it said on the internet, so we have a temporary snag with posting photos. We did toss coins in the Trevi Fountain and take pics of that, and WERE going to post those, as well as some of our first real live Italian pizza-chianti-espresso in a Roman sidewalk cafe, but alas they will have to wait until we can unsnag.

Notes on first real live Roman meal. Yum. Our pizza is nothing like this. But I think the atmosphere adds something you just can't get back home. They sell it by the slice and charge by the ounce. The chianti was so smooth it felt like velvet. It might have been my fave glass of wine ever, even though I'm normally a pinot noir kind of girl. The espresso gave me a buzz. Which felt extra crazy coming off staying up all night on the plane plus jet lag plus a desperate-rushed catnap plus my first glass of real live Italian wine at a real live Roman sidewalk cafe. Balancing the forces of the stimulants and depressants is a very delicate operation.

Something I did not expect was all the Pinnochios all over Rome. Sure, now that I think about it, Pinnochio is totally Italian. But I just had never thought about it much. I brought Dante, St. Francis, Umberto Eco, and a couple of art books with me to read Italian while in Rome. But I totally forgot Pinnochio.



debbie p said...

Your boys did great today and got all the classes you wanted for them! : )

Anonymous said...

Is the fountain as cool as it looks in online pics? I came across it when looking at the place you're staying. The B&B looks nice. Can't wait to see your pics, when you get to unsnag. I remember pizza over there being totally different than what we eat in the US. And the atmosphere of actually being in Italy at a sidewalk cafe made everything taste better!

After Wave said...

pinnochio. who knew?
sounds amazing mum glad you guys are having a good time :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that you arrived safe and sound. Visiting the remains of the Imperium Romanum is a great adventure. Don't be surprised if you find out where New Yorkers get their testy attitude. A lot of
Italians came here via Ellis Island and stayed in New York. You also might keep an eye open for any of Julius Caesar's ancestors in that the name Caesar became Tsar/Tzar in Russia, Kaiser in Germany, and under Obama it has become Csar, of which he has appointed many. Should you find an ancestor you might suggest he send an application to the president. Why not have the real thing? One suggestion came to mind while looking an my Italy pictures from almost fifty years ago, you might consider making notes so that you have a clue about what you're looking at fifty years later. Have fun and do post pictures.
I think that little guy whose nose sometimes grew in length was not Pinnochio but probably Pinocchio?
Again, sometimes you need consult with David.

Anonymous said...

In the prior post I forgot to end with;
Your loving Father

Also noticed that Amanda didn't pick up on the spelling either?