Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Call Me Goldilocks

If you get a magnifying glass, you might be able to make out the new du sprouting. Mikey measured it with a wooden ruler the other day, so the 1/8th an inch is pretty much official. Except there is one strand that is super long, say 1/4 of an inch. I'm thinking of dying it orange to match my tennis racket and new shoes. Figure it will give me an edge when I get back out on the courts.

So yeah...from here on out, everyday is looking like a good hair day! The bonus, is that there are no sprouts on my legs or armpits yet, so my razor may get a bit jealous of my hairbrush.

I start physical therapy today. On my right rotator cuff (tennis injuries that were exasperated by the chemo, and range of motion issues from the surguries and especially Port Rapha) and some muscular atrophy in my lower back. Not exactly looking forward to it. Think they might hurt me. At least physical therapists sound scary to me. Like they might hurt people who are already hurting. No offense to any physical therapists out there. Or occupational ones, Cindy (my sister-in-law). Just my nerves talking.

Fitness used to be so much fun. I could play tennis until I dropped, or until it was dark and all our car batteries died from beaming light onto the midnight courts. Now it's going to be work to get back on the tennis court. That doesn't sound nearly as fun. Well, as long as they don't hurt me. Bring it on. And get me back out on the tennis court! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!
So glad to hear about the good hair days! Just wanted to tell you, from my experience with physical therapy (a chair fell out from under me at work and I hurt my wrist and back) IT FEELS GOOD! They have so many new technologies now that make healing feel good! At least what I had done anyway!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You'll make it through PT just fine, just be dilligent with your exercises. Ask the PT if she/he can use diathermy, e-stim, heat, ultrasound, or anything else they have come up with to decrease pain and increase healing/range of motion. Ask if you should use biofreeze on the rotator cuff after finishing exercises at home. If anybody gives you any trouble let me know and I will set them straight.

debbiep said...

I hope it didn't hurt and that you will be back to playing till you run out of daylight again real soon. Things will just get better and better from here on out. Hang in there. Debbie

After Wave said...

fuzzy like a baby ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got behind on my blogintheshire reading! Hope the PT is going well. Rick and I are moving into a house owned by a couple at our church. They asked us to rent it and we've been busy packing and such. Savings of $250 per month...WOOT!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Julie, eagerly waiting to hear how the therapy is going; what they do, how often, etc. Did it hurt? Sometimes the initial visit is a bit painful as they have to go through the range of motions to see where you are and develop a plan of care.
I hope you have peace knowing the Lord God Almighty will preserve your spirit, soul and body for His glory. He loves you dearly. You are His beloved!

Becky E

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Thank you for your sweet comment today! You are such an inspiration to me. And for the record...I think you should dye your hair bright purple...how fun would that be? :-)

Anonymous said...

How about an update, Goldilocks?