Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Redheads: Taking Over

Feel the power? Through the brilliance of three combined, adorable Evans heads we've managed to hack mum's blog. This time the public is going to be blessed by hearing about mum's life through our mystical and very brown eyes. Yesterday, being the 29th of December, was a Monday. Everyone knows Mondays are the worst of all days, primarily because they signal the death of a weekend. But, in our house they are even more tragic than that. Mondays. are. chemo days. Our lives our systchematically ;) planned around these Mondays. Mom goes through an aggravating cycle of progressively getting healthier until the Chemonday comes and she is shot back down.
This Chemonday mom had a big send-off into her sick week. For the first time, oddly enough, the whole family came. For once, I (Amanda) was off of school and work and so were the brothers. My dad decided he wouldn't be sick, and so we all piled into the Turd Machine (AKA, our smelly brown van) and headed off. It felt like a roadtrip. We packed I-pods, pink monopoly and coke.
Okay, Mikey here now. It did indeed feel like a roadtrip, as we embarked on this deadly adventure through Chemotherapy, starring Julie Evans as herself, and Dr. Lower, as The Oncologist. Guest starring Herceptin and the villain, a mean dose of Taxol. Supporting actors being David, Amanda, Matt, and Mikey Evans, also helped by the wonderful input of the nurses.
As if the long drive wasn't tough enough, we then had to wait in the waiting room for about thirty minutes. Not the most exciting time, I must assure you. We did however learn of an excellent sandwich, mixing garlic bread and lasagna, from Paula Dean on the Food Network. Mmm :). Finally, we were called back to go to Dr. Lower's office. Hopes, mostly from us kids, of getting this rocking and rolling were dashed, when we were forced to wait in her office for over forty minutes! Finally she came, much to all our relief. She's an interesting one, Dr. Lower. Very cool and nice; she has a teachery type personality to her. And she rocks because she's saving our mum's life. Anyway, finally, we were off to the upstairs to start this chemo cocktail! We all secretly hoped to get a cocktail of our own, though obviously we're not talking the chemo kind.
I guess it's my (Matt's) turn now. I gotta say, i agree with that whole road trip feeling it had. We had the cooler and games and books and iPods and everything. The car ride just wasn't long enough to quite cut it, but I'm fine with that.
The worst part for me was probably the needles...I like needles just about as much as my mum does. Which is not at all. And the lady kept leaving that biohazard trash box open, which with all my OCDness and stuff wasn't all that great haha =p I had to move to the other side of the room. The waiting was alright. Long, but alright. And other than that we just kind of chilled, played some monopoly, ate some chipotle and watched psych and that 70's show. Doctors were pretty nice too. Doctor office type places always make me extremely exhausted for some reason or other, so by the time we left (around 6:30 I think...) I was about ready to go to bed. Even though I didn't. But yeah.
Mikey now, again! Basically, the day was very exhausting for all of us. The chemo place was a little eerie at six... All those dark rooms, we were the only people left. The day could've been alot scarier, especially if we were in the big room with everybody else. Luckily, we had a room to ourselves, so it was nice and peaceful. I must confess though. Mum's a snorer on chemo! ;). She's going to kill me now. Anyway, yeah. It was a rather tiring day, especially for mum, who first got pierced by needles, then pumped full of anti nausea meds, Herceptin, and Taxol all day. Quite tiring. We escaped all alive however, and will live to fight chemo, another day. Julie stands the conquerer, after six heavy hours battling with her shiny sword, Herceptin, and her trusty steed, Taxol. Equipped with other side weapons, she battles on to destroy the cancer. ETD(Estimated Time of Destruction), December '09. We'll see you there.


Stacey said...

Wait until your mom sees this - she'll be thrilled!!!

It's neat to hear about the happenings from your three very great (and well written) perspectives.

On the road to remission, woot woot!!!

Anonymous said...

You red heads did your mum proud. Very discriptive and to the point.
Be proud of yourselves and your mum.
I am.
Love ya
Auntie Carol

Anonymous said...

Brilliant niece and nephews I have, I must say! I was watching the same Paula Deen show where she was making a lasagna sandwich, and thinking that would never work because the lasagna would just mush out everywhere when you took a bite (but I was only in earshot during that particulat part and didn't actually see what she was doing).
I'm glad all of you could be with your mum for the chemo day this time, as I'm sure it meant a lot to her. I have to ask, when did mom change to mum - after your trip overseas??
Aunt Chris

laura hill said...
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laura hill said...

So much fun!! Thanks for the smiles! I'm so glad that y'all went together for the roadtrip.

debbie p said...

Wow! You guys are the best! I love all the posts and all of you. I know your mum and dad were glad to have you by their sides this time. Julie is indeed the conquerer with all of you and God on her side!