Monday, December 29, 2008

DIACD (Drat, it's a chemo day)

So we're about to head to the chemo pub and I will be slamming down cocktail 3 of 4 in this round! The kids are all going with, since they are on break from school, and I just wanted them to be there with me through one.

We had a happy Christmas, and then a bug hit our home, like we needed any segue into chemo. My sweet nephew Brody caught some violent bug in Indy at one of our family Christmases, and spent most of our time with him hurling, then happy, then hurling, then happy, then the other end got involved, making it a trio. It's amazing how resilient little guys are. And thank God for that.

The day after Christmas, our 21st Anniversary, my mum and bro-in-law both woke up with it. Unfortunately, once you grow up, not so much resilience. They both had very violent bouts. Eric, Jen and Brody, just got up, packed up, and headed out of dodge to be sick in his own home. We put my mum up in a nearby hotel, to give her privacy and rest, and to try and contain things around here before my chemo treatment today. Thankfully, they are all home safe and sound, and on the mend.

We spent our anniversary cleaning and sanitizing our home, which had to happen anyway before the tsunami of chemo hits as it is wont to do on chemo weeks. The nasty bug actually helped us get ahead of schedule, since it was so urgent to contain things on Friday. We normally struggle through Saturday and Sunday, trying to get everything done. And rarely do we really feel ready.

We took a couple of sanity breaks throughout the day. Massive Cleaning Spree. Dave, Mikey and I went to P.F. Changs for lunch. Matt and Amanda were both on dates. Came back and cleaned some more. Took Mikey, Amanda and her boyfriend, Daniel, to see Yes Man.

Then Dave and I did the anniversary part of our day: we went to a gas station to fill up his drought of a tank, and we bought 21 lottery tickets, which we quickly turned into 30 lottery tickets. Then it was slowly downhill from there. The 30 we turned into 7; the 7 turned 4; the 4 replicated itself; and then there were none.A little Agatha Christie of an ending, but it was fun. And we had a rooting section. The workers in the gas station, and the guy in line behind us, who said he saw someone buy 20 and turn it into 500. One of the girls in the station said good luck as we walked to our car to scratch off our first batch. I looked at Dave, took off my hat, and said, "Do I look like I'm having good luck?" We laughed and then went off and won the 30. God is funny.

And then, because we are anything but boring, Dave got the bug, and even Mikey a tiny bit. And we're not sure about me, since I've been messed up since I started chemo so it's honestly just hard to tell. But here we all are, apparently still standing. And now we are off to take me to my chemo cocktail. Only one more bad boy after this one! That sounds really good to say.



Stacey said...

A stomach virus attacked me and my family earlier this year ... It was TERRIBLE!!!

I was hanging out with Mikey at the Student Union yesterday ... Stomach virus or not, the kid is a beast at Wii Tennis!

I'll be praying for you all. God is more powerful than chemotherapy!

Anonymous said...

Rick and I have had Christmas bugs too, but not of the stomach variety...yuck! I hope when all this cancer/chemo/gallbladder stuff is done that you two get to take your trip to whatever lovely island it was you had to cancel, lay on the beach in the warm sun, and let the wind blow through your newly grown hair!
Love, Chris

Anonymous said...

Julie, thank you so much for our Dave and Julie Letter. We received it a couple days ago and so enjoyed seeing the pictures of the kiddoes and hearing their news. There hasn't been a dull moment in your house for many years!!

I think Brody and Eric are finally on the mend in Charleston, and we are all soooo glad you weren't germed by them. Brody had a great time with his Aunt Julie...he thinks you are super!

I'm praying that the events of your January go by quickly and the end of the month finds you finished with Taxol, Dave free of his gallbladder and Amanda a nineteen year old. Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Oops, Amanda, I aged you a whole year...I meant Happy 18th BD! Above Brody's picture on my fridge, I have your thank you card from your graduation, because of the quote, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord."
It seems appropriate for anyone..anytime, doesn't it? Have a great birthday.