Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Breast Cancer Awareness Open

Julie Evans entered this tournament as an underdog, and and unknown, but quickly made it through the qualifiers, defeating Number 81 in the world, Findingda Lumps, and Number 73, Bio Opsy. In the first round, she met up with wildcard Number 123 in the world Furthe Rinvestigation. In the secondround she met a tough match in Number 50 in the world Bee Rest Cahn Ser. She got by in 4, and made it to the round of 16, where she met Number 23, Doubell Masstyctomee. She took that round in a very tight 5 setter, and moved on to the quarter finals where she met Rico Very, the Number 10 in the world. She took it in four, and then took on the ever famous number 2 in the world Rapha Port. She took a hard five setter, to meet in the finals the world number 1, Chemo. She's midway in the first set where we meet her, up 4-1. Julie is definitely the underdog, but with enough determination and hard will, and enough support from all her friends, which she definitely has, she can persevere, probably in straight sets!


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Joules Evans said...

Silly Mikey. So did you dress up as me on Halloween and post a blog?