Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?

So I am halfway through chemo round 1, and fairing much better this treatment than last. Thank God.

Monday morning I was getting ready to go teach my British Literature class at the co-op where my boys get their math (Adv. Math-Matt; Alg 2-Mikey), physics (both), worship band (Matt), and art studio (Mikey), and Mikey noticed that there was hair all over my shirt. Went upstairs to check the pillow, same story. But no patches, or was it even really noticeable, so off we went to co-op. Then chemo, which I was nervous enough about to make my hair fall out, just because I wasn't sure if every chemo would be as hard as the first one was, which, again, thankfully, it wasn't. Later that night, Amanda was running her fingers through my hair and, I thought, enjoying herself a bit much, watching it fall through her fingers. Tuesday morning I took a shower and looked down and there were a few handfulls. Then I dried my hair and it was just flying everywhere. Not in clumps or anything, more like a cat shedding. And not noticeable beyond thinning. But it kept flying every time we touched it, so I decided to get the upper hand and asked Dave to go ahead and shave me. So it's done. Not the end of the world or anything, but a wardrobe adjustment that I'm trying to figure out so I feel comfortable and not a walking billboard. As you can tell from the photo, Dave shaved his head for me, with me, because we're cheesy like that.

This 2nd treatment has been like day and night from the first. The anti-nausea meds seemed to work really well to keep things at bay. And I'm on day 3 since, and done with them for this treatment, with no incidents of hurling, or even near hurling. Which is good, because I hate to hurl. I still am dealing with a minor headache I just can't seem to shake. But it is not anything like the caffeine withdrawal headache I was plagued with last time, on top of the chemo. Which may have been the hardest part of it. The other side effect I got last time that we're hoping doesn't happen again this time, is that I got thrush in my mouth. Yes, thrush is something babies get. But I can understand why they don't eat now. Thankfully, my friend Heidi, who is a pediatric nurse and sees these kinds of things, helped Dave figure it out on the phone that night, and the oncologist concurred. I had meds to deal with it the next morning, and was on the mend to the point of being able to eat, and taste, the day after that. Please feel free to pray about the headaches and the mouth issues. I understand that mouth sores and such are common with chemo, and I already have sensitive gums, so this is something that makes me nervous.

My mum went with us to the chemo treatment, and then took me for my white blood cell shot Tuesday, and then stayed around even today, helping out and just making sure things were ok, like mum's do. I think we were all pleasantly surprised that I was fairing so much better this time. I even got out a bit today. Went to see my tennis team play. Went to the chiropractor to get "straightened out", if that is possible, with me. Even took a short walk to a friend's house, who is also battling the nasty c-word. Her name is Linda if you wouldn't mind praying for her when you think of me.

I am really so very grateful to God that I am feeling so well, and it's only Wednesday! I still have a whole weekend and another week to boot, before my next chemo treatment. I'm also very grateful for all the prayers, which I know are carrying me, and so smoothly, as God is being so merciful to me, to delight in answering them. Thank you, and please don't stop.

And now, it's time, for silly songs with Larry. For those of you who don't know Veggie Tales, you're in for a treat. This is, to me, the most appropriate way to end, the "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush" post.


Angela said...

Great photo! You guys are great together (wow, would I shave my head for my husband? That's a tough one!!) I'm so glad the treatments are going better and you're feeling a litte more at ease with them. I'll keep praying for you (and your friend) that the treatments will get easier as you go along. Jim asked "Are the kids going to shave their heads too?!!" :0}

Anonymous said...

Cute pic! No one can say the 2 of you don't belong together..such love & solidarity! The cancer didn't know who it was messin' with, now, did it?! Keep up the good fight and the humor you are using for your ammunition. It seems to be working along with the faith & prayers!
Love to all of you! XOXOXOXOX
Cheryl & Bill

debbie p said...

when I am out and see a woman who has lost her hair, I always stop and say a prayer for her and her family right then. People may notice now that you have had cancer and many of them may stop and pray for you. You and your fam will be getting prayers from people you never met and you will never know how many prayed for you until we all get to heaven. I think that is cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Linda and I were glad we got a chance to catch up "in person".

Jim Wimmers

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good laugh! I never knew the latter part of that song; the part that says "no hair for my hairbrush." That's a riot!
Becky E

Anonymous said...

Although we have not met yet I consider you a wonderful new friend. Your humor, your grace, your talent for putting pen to paper,your love of family and your love for the little things like black coffee and red wine (oh yeah)make me admire you already. I hope to be walking shoulder to shoulder next year at The Race for the Cure. Did you know they single out the survivors and honor them as they cross the finish line? Stay strong Julie

Anonymous said...

You guys are so great! I'm glad you are feeling better Julie. Are you not allowed any coffee ever? That's cruel and unusual punishment. I got that terrible, seemingly never ending, headache once when I stopped drinking it cold fun in and of itself, let alone with chemo on the side. So glad so many people are taking good care of all of you...I'm jealous!
Chris (yer sis-in-law)

Anonymous said...'ll need many fine and funny hats. My friend Mike, who has testicular cancer and is going through chemo has a collection of hats given to him by his friends.

No more headaches, no more thrush or nausea for you missy!

May God be with you, Aphid, Mikey, Amanda, Matt and your friend Linda!


Anonymous said...

Julie, I am sitting here4 cracking up. After all the years of Vegie Tales with Hannah, Ryan and Sean, I thought I waspretty much done with them, but you have certainly brought new life and meaning to them for me. I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog today. I hope the chemo continues to get easier. God bless you and Dave and those beautifully shaped heads! I'm impressed. We continue to pray for you. Keep strong and know you are loved!


Anonymous said...

Two down. Woohooo!!! Good seeing you this week. I'm soooo glad that your anti-nausea meds are working well. Things are so much more bearable when you don't feel like hurling.

We missed you today. Megan said you were settling in for a nap.

Yer pal,

Lisa R.

laura hill said...

What beautiful heads!! I'm envious! Since I won't be a freezin' head with you, James Hilbrand said that I should dip my head in ice water daily as my way to still be in the club. I don't think that I could take that torture though. love! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have looked at the picture a couple times. I can't help but notice that there is a circle in the center of Dave's head that seems to be different. One might think he used a sharper razor in that area, or perhaps the camera angle. Additional thinking found those reasons to be invalid for the "STRANGE CIRCLE IN THE CENTER OF DAVE'S HEAD."
Perhaps this mystery will be solved, perhaps not, but the question of the "STRANGE CIRCLE IN THE CENTER OF DAVE'S HEAD," is worthy of further investigation.