Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nevermind the Groundhog, Thursday's Forecast is Radioactive with a Chance of Superpowers

So it's February, and on the very first leaf of my calendar was my first "maintenance" appointment with my oncologist. I had no idea what that was going to involve. Didn't know if they were going to hand me a mop, have me change light bulbs, paint the chemo lounge... who knew? My friend Debbie said maybe they were just going to do a tune up to keep my warranty up-to-date.

I barely remember my very first chemo cocktail way back September of '08. I was pretty out of it on pain meds from surgery. But after a year-and-a-half of the chemo lounge, I had the drill down. I think I could've slept walked through it. I was a bit discombobulated learning the new steps, but there was no dancing with a mop. Debbie had the right idea.

My blood counts were good. My white blood count was my only flag. Just a little low. No biggie. They drew blood to run a bunch of tests on, establish some post chemo baselines. I did not miss Port Rapha even though they had to stick me the old-fashioned way to draw blood. I don't have the results of those blood tests yet.

My blood pressure, surprisingly, was decent in the chemo lounge lab. Talked to my oncologist about it and she just said stay the course with the anti-anxiety meds to help my body find its reset button. I follow up with my reg doc on that in three weeks, so hopefully it will all be good by then and I can finally leave Club Meds.

She did schedule another Muga Scan for good measure, just to make sure the blood pressure issues have no root there. It is tomorrow morning. So yes, my forecast for tomorrow is radioactive with a chance of superpowers. You've been warned.

She also scheduled the rest of the post chemo scans for Tuesday next. CAT, bone, head...basically from head to toe and inside-out. The radiology paparazzi are pretty much going to roll out the red carpet and just snap away. I have to admit that even after all my experience in the limelight of X-Ray rooms, I still am camera shy. Oh, and one of those scans also makes me radioactive with a chance of superpowers as well. I think it's the bone one but can't remember for sure. Anyway, that's practically a week of superpowers. All I can say, is that I will try and use them for good. (I can't say anymore on the subject, because they are secret superpowers.)

Anyway, it will be good to get back all the good results to establish new baselines and verify that the chemo did what it was supposed to. And then to be done with all the paparazzi and glam of the radiology department for a while.

Please pray for good reports from all the tests and scans, that their are no signs of cancer, that the chemo did its job, that the pics show a healthy me from head to toe and inside-out, and for me to maintain my trust in God, the One who heals me, through it all while I do this medical dance.

After blazing the "maintenance" trail, I headed up to the chemo lounge to have lunch with two of my chemo buddies, Shelly and Julie. Please continue to pray for them, as you pray for me.

And there are no oncologist appointments on my calendar until March 15. Sweet.


Barb Ray said...

Here's to positive results to all of the tests...and to making sure you use those super powers well (which I have no doubt you will!). Keeping you and your friends in my thoughts and prayers! :o)

Anonymous said...

"radiology paparazzi" - hahaha

Praying for you always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Just read two posts. Am behind as we only get an hour at the computer in this library.
We continue to pray for you...always! May the personal love of the Lord Jesus just bowl you over!
The Outlaws
No pun intended with the super bowl coming up!

Anonymous said...

radiology paparazzi?! I'm with my bro, that's funny. Rick and I have to get together with all of you somehow, sometime. Been too long!
Love ya,

Daria said...

Wishing you all the best ...

After Wave said...

Congratulations, Julie!
You have won the "Best Blog Title Ever" Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Yayy ;)