Sunday, February 24, 2008

Paying It Forward

I don't know the woman who emailed this to a friend, who emailed it to my daughter, who emailed it to me, but degrees of separation being what they are these days, and random acts of kindness traveling with the speed and agility of a pinball, she even left me in her wake of blessing. Here is her story, and don't even try to do the math and count the blessings, because I don't think it ends here, or even with me.

Had to share my neat experience this morning....
Visited Arby's and the lady said, "Oh it's you. I
hoped I'd see you again". You can imagine how I was
wondering what was going on.

Apparently the last time I had bought lunch for the
person behind me, he was so excited that he bought
lunch for the one behind him. In turn, that fellow
bought for the car behind him! That man wanted to
treat someone behind him, but no one else was in line,
so he donated the cost of his meal to Arby's Literacy
Fund! The lady had tears in her eyes as she
was telling me all of this.

Guess you never know how one little act of kindness
will spread!!

How cool is that? Sorta makes you wanna go try it, doesn't it? Well, let's get after it. Let's make some waves.

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Helen Ann said...

I love that! It's sooo neat to see the love spread throughout a place. I've seen that happen in Chipotle before!