Thursday, December 1, 2011

I’m No Rocket Scientist… but let’s try and launch this book

But first, how about an aperitif? Cheers and thanks to my fab friend Cara who blogged about a certain cartoon character on the cover of Shaken Not Stirred… a Chemo Cocktail calling me, and I quote, “Champagne Girl of the Week”! (Click here for the link.)

Cara’s currently shaking and stirring up quite a perfect storm on the interwebs via her blog, The Champagne Diet, and her upcoming book, The Champagne Diaries: Rules and Cocktail Recipes for Living an Effervescent Life. Go Cara! I feel pretty tipsy getting to be your champagne girl of the week! Now that’s a title I can put on a lampshade and dance to!

Speaking of lampshades, I probably won’t be wearing one at the book launch parties coming up next weekend. Mostly because I don’t want to mess up my hair. But anyway, here are the details:

On Friday, December 9, I’ll be at Book Bums from 7pm-9pm. I wrote quite a lot of my book sitting on my bum while sipping on Highlander Grog Coffee in this cutest little Cheers of a coffee shop in West Chester. Live music will be provided by The Kicked-in Fence (aka my Redheads). I’ll do a reading at 8pm and yes, the Redheads will perform the “Cancer is a Bitch” song. I’ll be happy to sign books and I’ll even share the Grog. Click here to view the Facebook event.

On Sunday, December 11, I’ll be doing a reading and book signing at Art Design Consultants, the “Gallery in the Sky” where we recently hosted The SCAR Project Cincy Exhibit. Live music will be provided by The Kicked-in Fence. I’ll do a reading at 8pm, my Redheads will sing the “Cancer is a Bitch” song, and we’ll have books available to sell and sign. Click here to view the Facebook event. The event is free but please click here to RSVP because there will cocktails and light apps served.

I hope you can make it to one, the other, or both if you feel like it, so we can clink coffee mugs or wine glasses together and launch this book proper. “To the moon, Alice!”

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