Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bling and Pop

So I didn’t exactly get to that second bottle of champagne the other day, which on one hand is obviously sad because I had really exciting stuff to say, but on the other hand was probably good because I had to drive home from Toronto later that day. Besides the obvious—slurring really good news—drinking and driving is just so freaking stupid it’s ridiculous.

Instead of being stupid I like to drink this when I drive.

But I digress…onto the bling and pop.

So here was the bling I couldn’t wait to tell you about!

That bling you see amidst the yellow flowers is a rock on my baby girl’s ring finger! The first thing I should tell you is that I received this picture via a little birdie: TWITTER. Yes, my little redbird “tweeted” her engagement. To which I “replied” PHONE HOME—just as the phone rang. At which point she told me about her new ring (pictured above, which I plucked off Twitter).

Here’s the happy couple: Amanda Michele Freaking Evans and her fiancé, Gary Dwayne Freaking Benton.

We couldn’t be happier for our baby girl and the luckiest guy on earth. And here’s the happy cork to prove it!


(In case you’re wondering, no. This is not one of those I Spy Challenges. It’s the champagne cork in the middle with the smiley face, silly;)

Anyway, so to sum up: Gary popped the question. Then he put that bling on her finger. Then she tweeted. Then she phoned home. Then that happy cork you see in the middle of that picture went pop and there was much cheer!

Which by my count, brings me up to #165 on my 1000 gifts. How happy am I to be here to have seen this day in my baby girl’s life! Who would’ve thunk it three years ago? Wow, my cup is freaking overflowing…

So if you were worried things might get a little boring around here at the Evanshire, never fear! There are wedding bells in the air, and they are set to go off June 10th. The day after Amanda and Gary graduate from UC. Yep, that was no typo. I did in fact say they are getting married the day after they graduate.

Here’s how Amanda explained it to us: “College diplomas? Check. Ok, now it’s time to get on with the rest of my life! So here comes the [Amanda Michele freaking] bride!”

That’s my baby girl:)

And this is one happy mum.


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! It hap'd :) Achso: *Duane!


Anonymous said...

Heartfelt congrats to the happy couple!