Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Chemo Cocktail Soundtrack

I don’t know if you know it or not, but my book Shaken Not Stirred… a Chemo Cocktail (which is now available on Amazon and Kindle) actually has a soundtrack. It’s not exactly on iTunes or anything—yet. But stay tuned for the iMix, which will be my links of love, gratitude, acknowledgement, and thanks to all the artists who don’t even know it, but they pretty much sang me through cancer and chemo. That’s what I call taking a sad song and making it better, better, BETTER! So I hope you’ll check out the songs and artists that are on my chemo cocktail soundtrack as soon as it’s shaken up and yes, even stirred, on iTunes.

In the meantime, here is my chemo cocktail mix, with YouTube links to most of the songs. The “Cancer is a Bitch” Song and “Wind in My Hair” are by The Kicked-in Fence aka my Redheads, and are not up on YouTube—yet. But we are filming/recording this weekend at the book launch events at Book Bums and Art Design Consultants Fine Art Gallery, so they should be uploaded soon. And I will link to them here ASAP. (By the way, if you are reading this, then consider yourself invited to either of the book launch parties. RSVP’s would be groovy, so Mike can have enough Grog on tap at Book Bums and because there will be cocktails and light apps at the gallery in the sky.)

Part I Shaken Not Stirred

Chapter 1-Born http://youtu.be/yzNzFaKLbGs (Over the Rhine)

Chapter 2-When the Stars Go Bluehttp://youtu.be/Hyidx_U9k6E (Tim McGraw)

Chapter 3-Help Me Out Godhttp://youtu.be/fVAReynZPMA (Superchick)

Chapter 4-Too Sexy for My Shirthttp://youtu.be/vziUC1IT0wo (Right Said Fred)

Chapter 5-Brick House http://youtu.be/-5EmnQp3V48 (The Commodores)

Chapter 6-I Don’t Know Whyhttp://youtu.be/uH2bMTVT06I (Amy Grant)

Chapter 7-Mother and Child Reunionhttp://youtu.be/IiMdkY_5Gfw (Paul Simon)

Chapter 8-Save You http://youtu.be/ScfQDcFYUvQ (Simple Plan)

Chapter 9-For the Glory of It Allhttp://youtu.be/GvLl9rSHga0 (David Crowder Band)

Chapter 10-Man, I Feel Like a Womanhttp://youtu.be/ZJL4UGSbeFg (Shania Twain)

Chapter 11-Fix You http://youtu.be/JI-o25K6B-E (Coldplay)

Chapter 12-Be OK http://youtu.be/vpMI8Qu5fsc (Ingrid Michaelson)

Chapter 13-Drunkard’s Prayerhttp://youtu.be/nngJZiRvHwI (Over the Rhine)

Chapter 14-Honey, I’m Homehttp://youtu.be/5fnZmdd35Uk (Shania Twain)

Chapter 15-Waiting on the Sunhttp://youtu.be/M2uuwlPDuuQ (Sixpence None the Richer)

Chapter 16-Burn and Shine (The Elms)

Chapter 17-I Run For Lifehttp://youtu.be/LgiwrvEX8wY (Melissa Etheridge)

Chapter 18-Come Sail Awayhttp://youtu.be/e5MAg_yWsq8 (Styx)

Chapter 19-Better Days http://youtu.be/i-kHleNYIDc (Goo Goo Dolls)

Part II The Chemo Cocktail

Round 1-Every Day is a Winding Roadhttp://youtu.be/khrx-zrG460 (Sheryl Crow)

Round 2-O Where is My Hairbrush?http://youtu.be/LtHr7gluh08 (Larry the Cucumber;)

Round 3-You’re So Vainhttp://youtu.be/OHWrudgCc3Q (Carly Simon)

Round 4-Hit Me With Your Best Shothttp://youtu.be/0JRgHol94Xc (Pat Benatar)

Round 5-Beauty From Painhttp://youtu.be/WB4IYTILmLU (Superchick)

Round 6-Breathe http://youtu.be/ueFTz3owufQ (U2)

Round 7-Chemo Limohttp://youtu.be/mhcNQRXIY9U (Regina Spektor)

Round 8-One More Roundhttp://youtu.be/Gjt80iTmg5g (Barlow Girls)

Round 9-Sweet Dreamshttp://youtu.be/qeMFqkcPYcg (Eurythmics)

Round 10-12-Wind in My Hair (Kicked-in Fence)

Round 13-That’s Amore http://youtu.be/aS6-b7CONDI (Dean Martin)

Round 14-15 Backwards http://youtu.be/lHeL-6jMgNA (Rascal Flatts)

Round 16-17 I’m On A Rollhttp://youtu.be/ea5gv30SgwU (Over the Rhine)

Round 18-Lucky Starhttp://youtu.be/ThHz9wlBeLU (Madonna)

Round 19-Whip It http://youtu.be/j_QLzthSkfM (Devo)

Round 20-22 Hey Jude http://youtu.be/GEKgYKpEJ3o (The Beatles)

Round 23 This Is Country Musichttp://youtu.be/n_KxM4rU38Q (Brad Paisley)

Round 24 Cancer is a Bitch (The Chemo Cocktail Song) (Kicked-in Fence)

Part III Hangover

P.S. Beautiful Thingshttp://youtu.be/oyPBtExE4W0 (Gungor)

Cheers This is Not the Endhttp://youtu.be/5BRZRkfyXZM (Gungor)

I hope you’ll love the mix and support the artists. Credit is where credit’s due. So credit, kudos, thanks, x’s and o’s, and of course, cheers to all the cool peeps who made my chemo cocktail mix go round.

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