Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzn't a Bear. Here's some Random Shots of My Hair.


Anonymous said...

Love the new pics! You have your nails done and everything. I need you to ship your manicurist to Bama, momma needs a mani/pedi!

Love your lil Nike

Anonymous said...

I love these pics, Jules! Such fun to see the new growth - reminds me of spring and new beginnings. Things are blossoming everywhere. :)

Love and miss you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Julie, is that last picture you in your Mexican serape?
Looks like good ROM in your arms! (I had to notice that.)
Glad to see your fuzzy wuzzy barely hairy head.
Loving you,
Becky and Chuck

Joules Evans said...

Becky-yes that's my sarape from Ajijic! My hair is exactly the same color as the sarape, whatever that is. And that is my halo above it; although Mikey said it looked a little too high and Matt said it looked like it was falling off. Boy do I have my kids fooled that I have a halo! ;)

"Aunt in the know" said...

As one who experienced your teenage years with you, may I say that the "halo" is just a wee bit "tilted"?! ( Not quite as much as Jennifer's, but still, TILTED!!)

Love you both!
Auntie Cheryl