Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PS - Pics from Day 1

Trevi Fountain

Real live real pizza

(mint chocolate chip and strawberry gelato)

A bunch of liars!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Davey and Julie! You both look so good and healthy! Made me feel good!
When Chrissy and I had pizza in London, it had corn in it! I thought that was odd. And I remember being totally suprised that each country in Europe seemed to have different toilet flushing mechanisms! Wish I had taken pictures of each one! Ha!

Mikey said...

Dah! Those are awesome! Glad to see you, somewhat XD
IN other news. I'm envious of your ice cream. :/

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yay, great pictures!

After Wave said...

yayy pics!!! that pizza looks SOOO GOOOOD. gimme!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! You both look like you are so happy! Jules, you amaze me....wish I had some of your spunk! Enjoy yourselves and get the travelogue ready!!
Love you both,
Auntie Cheryl