Saturday, August 16, 2008

Out Damn Spots (On Tuesday)

So we had encouraging news yesterday.

We squeaked into this brilliant breast surgeon's calendar, end of the day, yesterday (Friday). Kind of amazing how things have just been falling into place so fabulously. Or most likely a God thing.

But she gave me a very thorough breast exam and talked her way through what she was finding, which was kind of cool, not to mention, she did say the words "fatty tissue" more than a few times, and I only wish I had a tape recorder to prove this to unnamed people who think I just "need a sandwich".

Anyway, mostly things were pretty copasetic minus the three solid masses, which, sounds worse than we are hoping it is. She was encouraging that we are going for a diagnosis of fibroadenoma, which means benign. Yes, I finally wrestled that word to the ground.

The plan is, to have them removed on Tuesday morning, before I've had my coffee, and really, way too early for any reasonable person to be awake. Luckily I will be sleeping through it, and I am just hoping it is a good trip. My sister is flying in from Charleston, with my nephew, Charlie Brown, so that will be an interesting job for Dave, dragging both of our lazy bums (not to mention our clone, Amanda) out of bed at 5 a.m. At least they get to have some coffee, which doesn't seem very fair, but what are you going to do?

Our late Friday afternoon appointment did not leave the room to have the surgery booked, so we will hear first thing Monday if they were able to squeeze us into that schedule. If all things go as smoothly as so far, we should know within 24 hours the nature of these spots.

And we go from there.

Thanks for praying.


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