Monday, August 18, 2008

Booked, but my Cofffee IV is on Backorder

So it looks as if we squeaked into the surgery schedule for 7:30 a.m., tomorrow, which is Tuesday, unless you're in Bejing watching the Olympics, in which case, feel free to email back from Wednesday and let us know the results. The subject line could read: Benign from Bejing or something like that. That would be great.

Dave and I have to arrive at the hospital at 5 a.m., which, the hospital lady told me, means we will have no traffic to fight, find premium parking, and be first on the docket. She has no idea I don't experience "traffic" with my mini, and can park quite "imaginatively", so it's good she didn't go into sales. You really have to know your audience to go into sales.

The surgery is supposed to take an hour or so-ish, and we'll see how long I sleep in recovery with no caffeine. Then I get to go home. The doc, whose name, interestingly enough, is Stahl, which couldn't be a more perfect antonym for the speed at which things have been happening, said she will probably have an idea of what said spots are before we head home, but the definitive diagnosis will be the results of the biopsy, which we will hear on Wednesday.

We are all trying not to dwell on it too much today. There is no sense worrying about something that isn't yet, and hopefully won't be. Yesterday at church, Amanda and Matt and Mike asked me to come over to the Student Union and be prayed over by them and their prayer team. Their big hearts have big faith, so I am not worried, whatever happens at the hospital tomorrow. My home is very peaceful.

My sister, Jen, and my nephew, Brodie, are here, and Brodie is quite the charming distraction. Later tonight I am taking the redheads to watch a movie of the David Crowder Band in concert at the Rave Theater, which will be another fabulous distraction. We love the David Crowder Band. David Crowder reminds me of Matt. Coolio.

Distractions are much better than dwelling.

Thanks for praying.

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