Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Julie Got Published!

Hey, Everyone, this is Dave. Don't tell Julie, but I had to jump in here and share the news. My lovely wife was asked to write an article about her cancer story for Christianity Today magazine, and it was published today!

CLICK HERE to check it out, and while you're there leave a comment. I know she would appreciate it!

As always, blessings to you, dear reader, and in the immortal words of Bartles and Jaymes, thanks for your support!


Jon said...

Did I see you in Panera wearing a "Chemo Sabe" shirt?

Anonymous said...

I am so sure you help a lot of people just with your amazing talent of writing and expressing your thoughts in your blog. I just think you are amazing in dealing with what you have in the past year. Lots of prayers are being said for you. Love you lots!
Your Mom