Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Peas in This Pod

I had a check up with my breast surgeon this morning. I was supposed to have one right after we got back from Rome, but very reluctantly had to miss the appointment amidst the mix of emergency appointments due to the Vespa incident. It was not an appointment I wanted to reschedule. I can't even count how many times I called her office after I got the port with countless questions about whether it was really and truly ok to play competitive tennis without damaging or dislodging it...and how she told me it would take a a really hard line drive with a baseball or something harder than that. Well, I just knew she wasn't expecting me to take a line drive, at a wall, nor, not to mention, the good news that I totally proved her theory, and then some. Plus, it has been 10 months since she removed the damn spots and etc., so it's always nice to see people who saved your life again. Even better when they give you a good report. Basically, she broke the exam down like this for me: she was looking for peas, but didn't find any, thank God. In other words, I passed the exam. In tennis terms, you might say I aced it.

I also felt quite vindicated in another area of my life as well. See, I have never, ever, liked peas. I used to have a t-shirt that said, "If your mom tries to give you peas, just say no." Well, my mom did used to try to give me peas, sneaking them in tuna noodle casserole and her otherwise delish 7- layer salad and such. And I have been saying no to them as long as I can remember. Way long before I had the t-shirt. Come to think of it, I wonder if I should've collected royalties or something off the t-shirt maker? But I digress.

Now, I understand the aesthetic idea behind green in tuna noodle casserole. I am a fan of the color green. I have nothing against the greenness of peas; it's one of the few things I think peas have going for them. That, and they sort of look like little tennis balls, which is all well and fine...until you use your spoon as a little tennis racket and whack a few across the dining room table. Mushy green pea splats all over the wall are not aesthetically pleasing. And I think that just further illustrates my point. Sometimes aestheticism can go too far. And definitely, when peas are involved.

As for the 7-layer salad...I say why not just stop at 6?...Or double the bacon and call it good? There really is no logical reason to add peas. The salad is already green. Not to mention the broccoli. Peas are not only redundant in this scenario, but are also, as they are in all cases where they are mistakenly tossed in a dish, missing their calling as ice-packs.

Speaking of ice-packs, Amanda and Mikey have sure needed them this week, as they both had their wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday. Both are fairing well, and have enjoyed a steady diet of ice cream, movies and good friends stopping by.

Amanda has had a bit of a tougher time recovering than Mikey. I am praying she wakes up feeling significantly better tomorrow, because it is her first day at her new job as a nail technician. After she finished her last quarter of her first year of college, I took her to a new spa nearby, The Mandarine Spa, to get a Mani/Pedi to celebrate. We found out they were hiring nail techs, so she took a resume in the next day and got an interview right on the spot. On Monday she did a technical interview and got offered the job Monday night. The night before she was to get her wisdom teeth out. They wanted her to start tomorrow because they have a bridal party coming in. She was so excited, she said yes without a second thought, but added that she might not be feeling that chatty.

She's kinda cute like that.


debbie p said...

Congratulations on passing your exam! That is GREAT news...and totally expected. Praying for mikey and Amanda. Love you

Lisa said...

That is wonderful news, Julie! Hurray for you ! Hurray for God!
I am totally with you o the hatred of peas! My solution is to eat them like medicine- put them on your fork and insert them into the mouth. Pick up your glass of water, and throw 'em down the hatch. The aftertaste is a lot shorter than eating them!

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't I get you that "peas" t-shirt? Hooray that there are no peas in the pod and for Amanda's job!

Anonymous said...

Great news, Julie! I am very very thankful!
Yes, Chrissy did get you and David the "pea t-shirts." I thought they were so funny.
Eager to hear more about Amanda's first day on the new job.
Love and prayers always,
Becky and Chuck

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you had no peas and that all is well! Hope the kids are mending well and that you are enjoying a great holiday weekend!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a good report from the breast surgeon--that is an answer to all our prayers for you! We missed you today at Cheryl's & Bill's for the 4th of July cookout that we had to eat inside! We watched all the fireworks on TV in Washington, New York City & Boston. Pretty cool!
Hopefully Amanda & Mikey will be feeling much better. Love you all, your Mom

Anonymous said...

It's the texture.

-Lisa R.