Monday, June 15, 2009

Treatment day-Herceptin #10

I think that means we're at the half-way mark, and therefore we will now commence the countdown: T-10 and counting...10...(Stay tuned for the number 9, kids, three weeks from today!)

If I have calculated correctly, which we all know is a big IF, and I can keep myself out of trouble and/or danger, which we all know is another big IF, this is how I think it will go down, date-wise:

July 6 will be 9
July 27 --8
August 17--7
September 7--6
September 28--5
October 19--4
November 9--3
November 30--2
December 21--1

The reason I say I think on all that, is because I started the Herceptin on December 8 and am supposed to be on it for a year, once every three weeks, and so I'm just guessing that means I have to go till December 21 to make the full loop.

As a side-note on my treatment today, apparently I am now an advanced patient because I don't have to see my oncologist every time, which oughta make my treatment day a bit shorter. I like the theory that it is because I am advanced in my treatment and such; but I figure it's either that, or I might get on her nerves.

Well, Dave is here, time to Lidocain (the port) and Ativan (the patient) up to go and commence the countdown.



Angela Nazworth said...

Wow---I'll be praying for you these next weeks.

Mommy and her munchkins said...

Hi Julie! I just wanted to let you know that I started on Jan 3 and ended on Dec you might be done sooner than you are anticipating! Keep fighting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Got the dates in my calendar! You are on the same week as my cronie lady friend, Nan. But she is scheduled to stop Aug.19 and reevaluate.
Chrissy and I were totally engrossed in the movie, "Living Proof," about Dr. Slayman (sp?) and his creation of this Herceptin Rx which you are taking. What a wonderful dedicated man! It was a two or three hanky movie.
Prayers for total eradication! And just knowing Him who satisfies the soul.