Thursday, September 4, 2008

In A Truly Amazing Place...

In A Truly Amazing Place
by Matt Evans

just wow...ive had some of the hardest weeks in my whole life recently and it just makes me so grateful to be in the place i am...with the friends that i have.

so about 3 weeks ago my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and just so much other stuff has been going wrong for me and other people and i just felt so sad like nothing was ever going to start going right again......and it was through all this trouble and pain and sadness that i found out what REAL friends are like...and even people i dont know at all. before i came to the vineyard, all a friend was, was just someone i hung out with and basically did stuff with. here its different...and so much more. friendships are deep here. they have meaning and they touch the heart. i know what im cared for so much, that people love me, not just to hang out with, but to actually know and be with and pray with.

i feel like if i had been in any other place..without the friends i have...i feel like i couldve had to go through all this alone. in other places, people, even me, couldve said they would pray and all that but most people would walk away and just forget about it 10 minutes later...
people here...its so strong. its like i can feel God's love coming out of everything they say to me...every encouraging word...every 'ill be praying' i hear...even some small random conversations sometimes just bring me back to just trusting that everything is in God's hands...and theres no safer place than that. i can really know that i dont have to worry.

this place is all are wonderful. ive never had so much support, so much prayer. even the little things have meant worlds. just checking up on me, checking up on my family...i dont even know what i planned for this or where i was going with this...but you guys remind me about God's love when i forget and just think that everything sucks. you guys remind me that with God...everything actually will be okay in the end. i know that i can trust in Him...i can just give it all to Him, and He will lead the way...and the final destination will be better than i ever could have imagined...things still may not be where i would like...but i know i can trust Him and just follow where He leads...and even if i cant see any way for things to work out of be ok...somehow it will be.

church didnt always feel like much of a family until i feel these relationships growing, trust growing...and its such an amazing feeling. im in a new place. i have new friends, new family. you guys pray for me and are even there for me...even when im too scared to ask. i have people who i know deeply care for me, will pray for me, will be there for me, will talk to me, or even just be with me.

i have amazing pastors and leaders. i have amazing friends and amazing friendships. friendships that go further and deeper than just hanging out.

i love my family. i love you guys. i am so thankful that God put me in a place that i would meet you

PS. update on mum: we got the last biopsy results back today...there was NO cancer in her lymph nodes...we caught the infection before it had a chance to technically she is cancer free =]
so praise God!!!
thank you guys so much for your prayers and have no idea how much it meant and im not just saying that


Niki said...

Can't tell you how thankful I am to hear your news! Julie, you, Dave, and the kids are all such an inspiration. What wonderful family and friends you have. Congrats! Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

HALLELUJAH!! I am so thankful to God for bringing the good news, the healing, the hope, and the family of God together for you all. I'm praising God with you!
Sara & fam

Anonymous said...

You never closed the parentheses at the beginning... :P

debbie p said...

Wow! thanks for letting you mom post that Matt. I am going to print it out and hang it up somewhere. You can me lots of encouragement and good reminders.

For all the Evans fam...congratulations and praise our wonderful, loving God! Debbie

Anonymous said...

Jewels! Much prayer coming your way. I just found out about your cancer. Lots of Christian peeps are being diagnosed with different variations of cancer. All I can say is watch out cancer!

Reading Matt's blog touched my heart! What a sweet young soldier he's become. You and Aphid have done such a tremendous job raising lovely, God fearing young adults!

Rest in Him and know all things are as they are for reasons I am sure are unfolding before you. May God continue to be glorified.