Monday, December 28, 2009

TGNMCCMAEAA (Thank God No More Chemo Cocktail Mondays Anymore, Ever Again...Amen.

T minus 1 went down a week ago today! That's right, after 24 rounds of chemo cocktails, I told the bartender no mas, and skipped out of the chemo cocktail lounge before he could crunch those numbers. I don't want to see that tab! ;) Thankfully, I don't have to, since our insurance and Dave's company rocks and has completely taken care of us.

I am still trying to process the fact that I don't have to work my life and our schedule around chemo anymore. I'm sitting on our balcony overlooking a sandy white beach and the Gulf of Mexico. It is probably the first time I've sat still since last Monday when I was docked in my blue recliner and hooked up to my chemo cocktail. I think it has been a way of coping, not sitting too still. But now I'm sitting here thinking about maybe slowing down and letting it all sink in. I'm also thinking about taking a very long walk along the beach...but I am going to make myself sit here long enough to process a proper update.

As far as chemo days go, my last one was actually a party in the chemo lounge. My chemo bud, Shelly, saved me a seat and brought peanut butter cookies she and her little girls had made for me. (The fork marks rocked, girls!) My kids came with a bunch of our friends and they caroled the chemo lounge.

Amanda and Matt had written a song (which I will link here when I figure it out) for my last chemo, which everyone in the whole chemo lounge LOVED. There were not many dry eyes in the room, but there were a lot of "Amens" when Amanda got to her chorus of " a b!tch".

What a gift. I am so blessed I can't even begin to tell. It made even chemo cocktails go down with a smile. And not just mine, either. I hope it blessed all my chemo buds there. Speaking of, today is Shelly's last tax-ALL cocktail! Yay for no more tax-ALL Shelly! You did it! May the Herceptin only be like cake for you! And no more sleepy meds in the cocktail! How's that for a bonus Merry Christmas gift?!

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