Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Historic Day...18 Candles and a 44th President

So today my baby girl is a legal adult. Makes me feel a bit ancient, I'm not gonna lie, but...my cup is overflowing and splashing all over the place when I think of the godly, delightful, lovely, brilliant and beautiful woman she has become. If you know my Amanda Panda Bear, then you can only begin to imagine what a joy ride it has been, getting to be her mum, and watching her, in wonder, every single day of those eighteen years! Happy Birthday, Amanda!
Your Mai Mai (and Daddy-O) Luvs Ya!

And, don't look so shocked, so do your brothers!
(The above two photos are ones we always take at birthdays. One of those Dave and Julie traditions that they either adore or abhor. I'll just leave it obscure like that.)

Speaking of photos...the following one takes into account both momentous occasions of the day. To me, it is a picture-perfect commentary on both! ;)

Jesus is our King, but Obama is our President.
That's about as political as I care to get.
Now, politics aside (or outside the realm of this blog), it is amazing to live in a country where we are blessed enough to witness a peaceful transition of power, and therefore be a witness to the world. This makes me happy, as my daughter is bursting onto the scene today, of voting age, and chomping at the bits to change the world and make it a better place. This has been my prayer for her, and my boys, every day of their lives. How cool to get to see her launch out. Go Amanda! And Happy Birthday, baby, baby!


Stacey said...

I've definitely been inspired by Amanda, she's such a beautiful young lady in God. I can't wait to see where He leads her in the future!

Anonymous said...

You are my mentor mom! I just hope the January 20 birthday has something going for it! I also hope and pray that my little Gray turns out to be as lovely as your sweet Amanda! I guess I will start praying now. I have a long way to go...after all, he did only turn 5 on Tuesday! :) Love ya.