Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exercising the Gift of Life, Friendship, a Beautiful Day and the Right to Vote. In that order.

How cool was it that I ran into my friend, Linda, on my way out of the polls?! I have mentioned Linda, who is a tennis bud of mine/neighbor/Mikey's geometry teacher last year/fellow cancer fighter in my blog before. Last year she began a battle with Renal Cancer. Linda, who is a tennis player/golfer (I like to think in that order) had a kidney removed after they found two tumors, one the size of a tennis ball and one the size of a golf ball. Then right before school started last year, it came back in the cavity. And lungs and breast. Cancer is a b!@#%. No matter how poetic. Linda is a graceful, gritty fighter, like Rafa Nadal, whom we both love to watch play tennis. She is an inspiration to me. That she was not only willing, but desirous, of continuing to spend some of her energy (which I am learning is a very precious commodity) tutoring Mikey in Geometry, still humbles us, and compels me to pay it forward. I pray for her when I pray for myself. So I hope you will vote for us by praying for us.


Anonymous said...

My thanks to Linda for giving of her energy to my grandson, Mikey, via geometry classes. He will probably ever forget you, Linda!
My VOTES for Julie and Linda in the Cancer Overcomers party. (two checkmarks here...hmmmm, why don't keyboards have checkmarks?) These Votes come via my prayers to One in Authority, the LORD God Almighty, full of mercy and grace!
Becky E

Andrea said...

Mikey helped her, too.

I'd like to mention that fans of cancer-fighting blogs can follow hers at www.advantagelinda.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

My prayers & votes have been cast for you, Linda, and anyone else who is fighting some form of cancer. As members ourselves of the "Cancer Overcomers Party", Uncle Bill and I agree with you on the platform of fighting AGAINST giving in to cancer and IN FAVOR OF life!
With much love & many prayers!